spiders heaven

A tour for velomobiles and recumbents organized by Rich made me open the door of my shed. 
My recumbent bikes that I have not used for months, were covered with cobwebs.   According to the schedule, I had to work today ….


At the last minute I heard that I did not have to work overtime and could have joined the ride, but I decided to stay home and enjoy a day off.
I’ve cleaned  them so they are ready for use again.


She’s smiling again !

I call her feminine, because I prefer to say that I ride her instead of him …. 😉

Maybe I’m going to use my stiff muscles tomorrow ….


not broken …

 The last 3 days I had trouble with my shifter. I had a feeling that the chain wasn’t derailing as it should. Yesterday (on my way to work) it was almost impossible to pedal because of constant derailing in the back of my Quest. The problem with velomobiles is that you simply can’t see what is happening when something is wrong. So I stopped along the road, noticed that the wheel could  move to and fro, opened the space where the backshifter is placed and found this ….

quest 001-1


quest 001-2

The stud came out of the axis. At first I thought it broke, but it seemed that the stud is glued with Locktite inside the axis. I phoned with velomobile.nl and got some important advice.

I assembled the stud again (and used some kind of loctite-glue) and tried to cycle home again. It worked ! To be sure to always have a spare axis, velomobile.nl sended me a new one by mail. 

quest 003

Happy again ! 😉 

renewing a Jagwire cable.

The brake didn’t work. I found out that the liner of the right cable was demolished by the universal joint. So I asked velomobiel.nl to send me a new one ….. and as always I received it the next day (that’s what I call good service !).

It’s important to use some tie-wraps to prevent the cable from flying off the handle.

quest 11

After adjusting the cable-length it’s easy to use tie-wraps for securing (I used 2 red tywraps)

quest 12

the cockpit of Quest 552

the cockpit of Quest 552

our dog "Hitch" is always helping me .

our dog “Hitch” is always helping me .

I used an old inner tyre to protect the cable against the universal joint. It was a suggestion Ymte made when I wrote him that I was planning to use a special nut

an old tyre around the universal joint.

an old tyre around the universal joint.