first ride since a long time …

Riding in my velomobile gives that special look in my photography. This morning I combined these two hobbys and took a ride around the former island “Walcheren”, where I live.


The weather was nice and the colour of autumn was everywhere .


What more do you want as a cyclist ?


It was such a long time ago since I used my Quest, I soon had “pap in de benen” such as a Dutch proverb says.

(v. Gaal would say: “porridge in the legs”)


Red meets red.


Only a few roads are made of these bricks. 


The fallen leaves provide blocking of the railway, but a velomobile does not suffer from that.


My 4 Kliko’s : A white, a grey, a green and a red one ….


spiders heaven

A tour for velomobiles and recumbents organized by Rich made me open the door of my shed. 
My recumbent bikes that I have not used for months, were covered with cobwebs.   According to the schedule, I had to work today ….


At the last minute I heard that I did not have to work overtime and could have joined the ride, but I decided to stay home and enjoy a day off.
I’ve cleaned  them so they are ready for use again.


She’s smiling again !

I call her feminine, because I prefer to say that I ride her instead of him …. 😉

Maybe I’m going to use my stiff muscles tomorrow ….