Chain Reaction

Chris made a nice video of his new creation, the “Chain Reaction”.


2 lovely young daughters, a dog, no money and great holiday travels ….

All made possible by marrying the most beautiful woman and mending an old bakfiets.

Even though we bought a motor home when the children were teenagers, our sweetest memories are from the years we were car-free. 

You don’t need a car or hire an appartment to have great holidays with your young children. You can do it all by CYCLING. Ymte is demonstrating it too …. The Netherlands seems to be designed for this kind of holidays !

a new bicycle for city-commuters

Although this new bicycle won’t fulfill the needs in the region where I live …. (long straight bicycle paths in a flat windy country are ideal for velomobiles) , I like the insight that modern infrastructure allows the use of smaller and stronger tyres.

Therefore it’ll work just fine in a busy city like Amsterdam or Paris.