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You like to see some photos of recumbent cycles ……?     No problem !

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zephyr bij draaibrug Oost-Souburg



WAW 022

I was letting our dog Hitch out near Ritthem, when I suddenly spotted WAW 022 ! I didn’t have my Canon  70D (still at techRepair !) , but quickly used my Powershot G12 to make a photo. Because I had to zoom in and the light was not ideal, it’s not sharp. But Richard is clearly building up his muscles and getting experienced inside his wonderfull velomobile ….

WAW 022

I’m glad there is another beautifull velomobile riding in my area. Just hoping there will be more and more in the future ……


I found out that it was Richard’s first trip from Gent (where he bought the velomobile) to his home !  What a coincidence ….  

You can follow his adventures on his own blog;