some drama …

… at the World championship in Leer (Germany). A video made by Marc van Waardenburg. The road-conditions and Marshall in this video must be an example of “need to improve” for 2014.


Kwets …

… is no more !

I didn’t mind all the scratches on my Quest 552. When someone asked me about all the scratches and cracks on my velomobile-body, I referred to the (10 year old) Quest 77 owned by Hayco. His velomobile was just doing the job for years and years …. despite all the unevenness in the body 😉

But in the latest edition of Ligfiets& there is an article wich shows that Hayco has renovated his Kwets into a fabulous looking speedmachine ……

So no more setting apart  number 13 for Hayco at the Cycle Vision races !  I wonder if Hayco is still allowed to ride on two wheels by his girlfriend 😉 


A ride in the Bullitt …

… to the citycenter. Hitch is 13 weeks old, so it’s time to socialize in the city. Unfortunately there were only a few tourists (financial crisis, cold weather ?). It seems that Hitch is getting used to a ride with the Bullitt 😉 

renewing a Jagwire cable.

The brake didn’t work. I found out that the liner of the right cable was demolished by the universal joint. So I asked to send me a new one ….. and as always I received it the next day (that’s what I call good service !).

It’s important to use some tie-wraps to prevent the cable from flying off the handle.

quest 11

After adjusting the cable-length it’s easy to use tie-wraps for securing (I used 2 red tywraps)

quest 12

the cockpit of Quest 552

the cockpit of Quest 552

our dog "Hitch" is always helping me .

our dog “Hitch” is always helping me .

I used an old inner tyre to protect the cable against the universal joint. It was a suggestion Ymte made when I wrote him that I was planning to use a special nut

an old tyre around the universal joint.

an old tyre around the universal joint.