I liked the interview-method that was used in this video ; Cycling with Job.

I highly recommend you to have a look at


best couple …

I think this red couple  is the best  for everyday use and all purposes.

Used Marathon Plus …

… can be used for lots of applications. Harry used it for a modification on his shoes.

Today I used it to replace the worn out rubber ring on the left suspension.

So don’t waste your old Marathon Plus tyres, but keep them spare for all kind of tips&tricks you’re not aware of now. You can find some ideas for old inner tubes on this site ;  although I’ll never need number 19 😉 

cycling hidden …

… has it advantages.  Even though I realize that my yellow logo is on the velomobile, I feel anonymous when I’m inside my Quest.

I realized this advantage during my commutes after my dearest dog died. I cried like a little boy while cycling along the dykes of Walcheren, passing lots of tourists and other cyclists. I had the same kind of privacy that normally only car drivers have behind their coated window-glasses. This kind of private moments are making my Quest some sort of “friend” for me…….   

But temperatures are rising …… so I’ll go convertable soon !